Thank you for your support!

Rocky Pup will be working to bring your voice to Olympia and is asking for your vote for State Senate! 

As your voice in Olympia, Rocky will bring key issues to the forefront of public debate. Rocky has a common sense, three point platform for Washington:

- Lower all taxes without cutting any spending
- Institute a “1 strike you’re out” minimum sentencing guideline for all raccoons
- Create a program to pay for, and require mandatory gun ownership

Rocky has a passion for public service and his community, having been active in the meme community since 2014; he is a recognized leader and activist. Prior to public service, Rocky served in the great raccoon war and after an injury in combat was honorably discharged. He attended the Seattle Humane Society where he earned his undergraduate degree, and also has his Dogotrate Degree from Freedom Patriot University Online in morality and freedom studies.

Rocky for State Senate! Common Sense Solutions for REAL America.